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Korea Gold Foil Co., Ltd. Are established 1973.
As a manufacturer and distributor in Auto-labelling machine, sticker label and self-adhesive paper. So, we consist of Machinery division, Printing division and Paper division.

*Machinery division
This part produce Auto-labelling machine and auto-capping machine.
Kinds of Auto-labelling machine are that labeler for put a sticker label on Top-side, under-side, both-side, one-side, round and others.
For over 10 years, we have been supply over 1,000sets to food, pharmacy, stationary and electronics industry.
We are enjoying a good reputation because of accuracy, reliance, wide experience and good after service.
If you are hard up for labelling work at now, please contact our, then we will solve labelling matter together you.

*Print division
This part print all kinds of sticker label.
We have experience for over 20 years and have relationship with leading manufacturer in food, stationary and department store.

*Paper division
This part produce self-adhesive paper.
We have been export to Hong-Kong, Japan and East-South Asia.
If you want, we will send our sample.

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